Gadget Mogul Apple Inc. Now Has 17 Million Subscribers


In what can be termed as yet another feather in its cap, Apple Inc.’s Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook on Wednesday announced to the world, at a press conference held in San Francisco that Apple Music had garnered 2 million new subscribers within a span of just two months!

He attributed Apple Music’s awe-inspiring recent and dramatic success to the high quality of services that they were intent on providing. Apple Music faces stiff competition from industry rivals such as Tidal and Spotify. Yet, in spite of such formidable adversaries, Apple Music has still managed to literally pull the carpet from under their feet.

AAPL-StockApple Music has now become the new favorite amongst those who enjoy tuning in live streaming music and has also become the most favored place for both new and existing artistes to unveil their upcoming new albums. It already boasts of some the biggest releases this year from great musicians like the contemporary singer Taylor Swift and it even was the launch-pad of Frank Ocean’s Boys Don’t Cry.

It’s been all good going for Apple Music, ever since it was launched on June 30th, 2015. Since then listeners in more than a 100 countries all over the world have been tuning in to catch their favorite tunes and beats at the most popular music streaming site on the internet. Industry insiders say, that Apple Music owes much of its fame and widespread appeal to Connect, its affiliated online blog.

This blog is a huge hit as it allows readers a chance to get up close and personal with all their favorite stars. Another plus factor is Apple Music’s genius subscription policy. Listeners can listen to free music for 3 months. It is only after getting hooked to the system, that they will have to shell out the subscription fees.

Warner Music Celebrate High Returns


It seems to be sunny days for online radio stations and live music streaming sites. As the old adage goes- Make hay while the sun shines, these sites and stations are raking in ever increasing profits thanks to the widespread popularity and mass-appeal they have generated among the tech-savvy youth of today.

Lately, every online mode of entertainment has been witnessing an unprecedented upward swing. Be it Spotify, Apple Music or, lately Warner Music, all the big names are turning into a much bigger revenue than what it did till recently. Industry experts have pointed their fingers straight at the emergence and sustained growth of new generation Smart Phones as well as the ease and wide use of the Internet.

As said earlier, the latest big name to flaunt its annual report was Warner Music. At a press conference arranged last Friday, CEO Stephen Cooper announced what he termed was his company’s greatest achievement till date as well as a major breakthrough in the live streaming music industry. He said this while revealing the company’s much awaited second-quarter earnings.


Imaginations have been running wild ever since Spotify announced recently that it had garnered over 30 million subscribers. Even Apple Music, launched just in 2015, has boasted of subscribers coming up to a half that number. And, the trend doesn’t show any signs of waning anytime soon in the future.

The popularity of this online music platform can be chalked up to the fact that some of the great names in the industry, like Taylor Swift, Beyoncé, Frank Ocean, and so, have all debuted their hit albums through these mediums. Beyoncé s Lemonade made it out from Tidal, while Frank Ocean’s hit number Boys Don’t Cry came out through Apple Music. Warner Music gets credit for Jason Derulo’s Want To Want Me.

Billboard Music Awards 2016 –A Review Of Highlights


This year the Billboard Music Award function, held at LA on May 22, 2016, lasted 3 and a half hours exciting and luring fans to enjoy every second of it. The smart and pretty ladies Celine Dion, Rihanna, Madonna and Britney Spears conquered the hearts of millions of fans as they reigned over the stage.

Special awards given out included the following:-

· Britney Spears was given the famous Millennium Award.
· Celine Dion was declared the Icon
· The Top Hot 100 Artist went to The Weeknd
· The Top Hot 100 Song was captured by Wiz Khalifa feat, Charlie Puth in See You Again”
· The Top Country Song went to Thomas Rhett, “Die A Happy Man”
· Justin Bieber grabbed the Top Male Artist
· The Top Album was given to Adele, 25
· The Top R&B Song went to The Weeknd, “The Hills”
· The Billboard Chart-Achievement Award: Rihanna
· Billboard Top Artist was given to Adele

Performing Artists who captured the audience were

· Ke$ha

· Rihanna

· Celine Dion

· Britney Spears

· Shawn Mendes

· Ariana Grande

· Justin Bieber

· The Go Gos

· Madonna
Madonna along with Stevie Wonder Led the “Purple Rain” Sing-Along

· Kristen Bell and Kathryn Hahn,with Mila Kunis

What could be improved?

The Anchor Ludacris who hosted the show could have tried more to keep the enthusiasm of the crowd up rather than spoil it with cringe-worthy commentary. The audiences of the show along with the anchors are supposed to have ea fun evening out. However, at the Billboard Music Award 2016, this was not the case. The Anchors tried to pull off jokes and lame cracks which fell flat on the audience. Also, Lukas Forchhammer and his band came with a poor performance of what should have been a pleasant experience.

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